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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The pursuit of happiness

no! no! No! and NO! this post is not about the movie with will smith and the kid where will smith so very nicely solve the rubik's cube ( hmmppp I don't really like that bloody cube, yeah u guessed it right, I cant solve it).
Coming back to the post this is about how parents react ( read Re-Act), when there kids for once in their godforsaken life decide something.
My mom, like any other understanding parent gave me her blessings n all bout the marrying the guy of my choice and I was really impressed with my mom's great and forward thinking ( well coming from a parent who lives in a society where kid's approval is still not neccessary, I would deginetely call this forward).
So I very dilligently reciprocated this gesture of my mom, by being candid and respectful and telling her that I do have a " boy" she might "like" to "meet". Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
And well, that was the last time my mom spoke "nicely" to me.
Well the first reaction was of amazement, she has the same surprise factor in her voice that we have while watching some magicians show and wonder " how did she manage to do that"?
Yeah even she was surprised, that who would in his sane mind agree to stay with me for a whole day, let alone whole life.
So first her reaction was of sheer amzement, then it changed to amusement and then resentment.
Well not so much of resentment but yeah something close to that and all this provided reall entertainment to my kid brother and sister ( who by the way, were on my side and full time fielding for me at home).
My mom's total logic was based on one sentence" what would the people think"?
I was really irritated with this thing, since when did the socielty or "people" overtook in me in this race of "motherly affection". Since when did they shoved me into one corner and took most of the space in my mom's heart.
I think it all started since the time my mom started keeping the "goodday" biscuits for the "guests aka people aka society" and gave us the parle-G biscuits or may be from the time when she started giving us rasna instead of the "reall stuff" which was pepsi or coke.
I just thought to myself that I have failed miserably in understanding parents.
I thought that for parents the happiness of their child is and should be of foremost importance but is it reallly true?
Do they really do care for us as much as they say? 'coz if they do society, people should be the ones they should be bothered about.
Also aren't they going to be the happiest if their children are happy or they going to be happier if the society is happy?
As they say that happiness has to be persuaded but whose happiness are they going to pursue their children's or the society
I really don't have the answer but I guess thsi is what the parents whould ask themselves when they think about"what will the people think".


roxanne said...

Dil mein tere hai dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco..

Nannhi said...

lagi lagi hai ye dil ki lagi
na amjho ise dillagi