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Friday, September 14, 2007

Arbit thoughts

Mez back.
you after a long long time back here.
Its been a long long time when I wrote naything about well anything.
And right now some 4767869867457 thoughts are crossing my mind about which i wanna write but i guess I will stick to my favourite thing, cribbing.
Yeah yeah, I know I know 90% of the time am ranting and raving about some or the other thing which is wrong with me or with things around me or something like that.
so why differ this time. Well this post is dedicated to all the people who, ummmm......., well you will get the picture a little later.
Well have you ever been told by a person in your your office to keep it down or your home to keep it down or even in the cafeteria to keep it down.
Well with me, its almost a daily affair.
Just now a jerk(in my office) asked me to "keep it down" (when so many other people are actually shouting at the same decibels or more. Well these are the time I really feel that the whole world is conpiring against me). Any ways so this dude in his "oh so charming" ( well that what he thinks) way told me that we have calls and its disturbing and yada yada yada.......
And its not just today that its like this I am told to keep it down at home, at cafetaria even in the bathroom.
Cummon man gimme a break. Is this some kind of "morcha" people are taking out against me.
I mean there are other people go on talk to them tell them to shut up.
Why can't people stand a girl in a good mood,rather anyone in a good moood.
Why are people so hell bent on making everyone irritated like them.
Well I think it with the fact that everyone has likes to get into majority so the good mood guys try to spread by being hilarious and loud whereas the bad mood guys try and get majority by spreading their.
Thats it!!! that's the whole idea.
So the way to beat it isnot to let the opposition get into majority ( Man!! I can solve nay bloody problem).
So from now on people might ask me to keep it down but... welll they'll see :)


roxanne said...

hey..i think that guy likes you :)

Nannhi said...

No babe u have no clue what a jerk that guy is
and how he luks down upone people
as if we are not of his standards
plus he is my director's pet
so he thinks he has kryptonite